9 comments on “Suggestions and Feedback Please

  1. Brand yourself. My example is my U.S. Trademark, 77919763, | thinking Achilles ™ | I did this at about the same career timeframe you are at now. Then, just keep working under that branding. A lot to be said about sticking to your ensign.

      • Oh I don’t know, I’m usually in a constant state of confusion until I figure out how the thread flows on blogs. I think this remark had to do with Thinkingachilles working on some kind of game, but I was actually on your blog and you are working on gaming. Now I figured out you are the one making games right or are both you and thinkingachilles making games? I haven’t figured out wordpress comments yet! Please forgive me confusion.

      • Ahhh okay I see. Thinkingachilles has conceptualized ideas for games though he seems to be nothing short of a literary genius! He was just giving me some pointers on how to set myself up for success. No worries!

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