About Me

My name is Shawn Hall. I am training to be a 3D Modeler (both hard surface and organic), Texture Artist, and Concept Artist. I specialize in the use of all industry standard tools to include, but not limited to; Autodesk Maya and Mud-box, 3DS Max, Z Brush, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. Though I hope to specialize in the above-mentioned fields within the Game Development pipeline, I also have experience in developing/ programming Flash Games, creating Vector Graphics, and 3D character animation.

I feel that I am forward thinking, incredibly efficient, self-managed, driven, and always a student that is open and receptive to learning and implementing new tools and techniques used within the industry to streamline my own workflow. I attribute these qualities to the fact that I am also currently an Active Duty Infantryman with the United States Army, and have been for the last seventeen years. I push myself harder than anyone else could ever hope to, and I apply the discipline and work ethic that has been engrained into me in everything I do.

Thank you for taking the time to review my Portfolio and please feel free to download my resume from the link on the homepage. Enjoy!



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